Costa D’Oro: interventions and results

          The plant is divided into three complexes that host: production activity, olive oil storage at a constant temperature and warehouse. The production activity has five production lines with always illuminated departments.First interventions aimed to reduce energy costs and environmental impact :- Monitoring System of the consumption (ERAISE)- Renewable energy production…


ESCo: efficientamento e garanzia dei risultati

In seguito all’approvazione del Decreto Legislativo 4 luglio 2014 n.102, emanato in attuazione della Direttiva 2012/27/UE sull’efficienza energetica, è divenuto obbligatorio per le grandi imprese e per quelle a forte consumo di energia effettuare audit energetici che siano realizzati specificatamente dalle Società di servizi energetici o ESCo. Tali imprese, oltre ad avere un ruolo fondamentale…

immagine_diagnosi azienda

Energy audit mandatory from 2014

COMPANIES By June the 5th 2014, the EU Member States will have to transpose the Directive on energy efficiency 2012/27/UE entered into force on 4 December 2012. This measure aims to achieve, by 2020, the goal of saving 20% energy.In order to mitigate the problems related to energy consumption, import dependency and climate change, Member…

eraise stabilimenti produttivi


Eraise is an essential tool for factories with high energy consumption. Energy costs affect the revenue especially in companies that use production lines (manufacturing, food etc …) and companies with warehouses for the food storage. The first step towards saving is that of awareness of energy consumptions and the knowledge of the reasons of waste…

centro commerciale diagnosi energetica eraise

Shopping Centers

The energy diagnosis is a fundamental step that shopping Malls need to do in order to acquire the important economic and reputational benefits given by increasing environmental sustainability. Malls accommodate in the gallery a large number of different shops. One of them surely is the hypermarket (which request a heavy cooling system due to banks…

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